As Women, by nature we are nurturers. Nurturers to our children, spouses, in our workplaces, friends, etc. But we can become so consumed with caring for others that we often times forget about nurturing and caring for ourselves. Getting quiet and still enough to listen to our Minds, Bodies, And Spirit to know what it takes to keep ourselves nurtured and balanced in all areas of our lives. Giving the Fact that as women we are the receptors we must be receptive to our own needs. In order to be receptive of our needs we must continuously listen to ourselves. The intuition is the mind of our heart, we aren’t taught how to consciously use and listen the wisdom of our heart/intuition. Our intuition isn’t based on what we can touch,taste,smell,hear or see. Our intuition is what and how we feel, its a knowing beyond what you know. You just know it! You don’t need concrete evidence to actualize what you can feel just trust yourself. If something, someone, someplace doesn’t feel right; Let it go. This is one of many steps to loving yourself by honoring yourself. We all know how it feels to not listen to or honor ourselves. It’s that constant “something told me not to.” That something is YOU, listen to yourself, get quiet and check in with your self. Realize where and when you block out your intuition and let it back in. Our heart’s can only lead us if and when we allow it. If it doesn’t feel good 90% of the time because its not. I’ll say the other ten percent of what doesn’t feel good are growing pains when we becoming reactive to what we’re uncomfortable with because of what we are comfortable with. Get comfortable being uncomfortable, because it’s only there when you become the Butterfly after the Caterpillar shed it’s last skin. Listen to yourself, feel yourself, take charge of yourself, free yourself. Rather it be leaving that friendship, job, relationship, old habit, old way of thinking, old way of being. Thats called loving yourself, you deserve your love more than anyone you can give it to, and you truly can’t love another sis until truly know what it takes to love yourself. Go and Love Yourself QUEEN! How can you possibly know what’s broken within you if you can’t listen to whats going on within you? A Drama Queen lives and thrives in Chaos,  hear the chaos and chose to heal and rise above it to become the Peace Queen. You deserve to be at Peace Queen. Love and Light! – Ariel selflove-dylanglynn


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