On the path to becoming a conscious woman/man to reach the consciousness of a Queen/King you go through a series of trials or tests. Through these set of challenges parts of your ego fall away and more of your soul is shown. These tests usually look like depression or just a dark period in your life. But each struggle is much bigger than it appear to be your soul is teaching you a new way to be. In order to gain more and step into a higher level in life, much is expected of you. Your character is developed overtime. You evolve as the challenges aren’t outside of you you’re being tested to come to a higher level of yourself. After overcoming said trials that you may have shriveled at in the moments afraid of the outcome. But once through it a new part of your personality is born. You’re more confident , beautiful, fearless, and bold if you allow yourself to see how that test transformed you. Where you were once afraid, down and out you have clarity and enlightenment. A deeper trust in the divine and life. You’re wiser, stronger, and better. ¬†This is where and how the caterpillar turns into a butterfly….this is a natural cycle of life and death. It is quoted that ‘one should die many deaths before the actual physical death.’ This process consists of shedding old skins and leaving old patterns and people behind. Consciously working to be better everyday through your actions and intentions. This process is also called the dark night of the soul. I feel like i’m being reborn right now…¬†caterpillar-to-butterfly1