We are in a turn of a new Paradigm, the rise of the Divine Feminine. Within the souls of men and women in this day in age after thousands of years of living in patriarchal energy. Women are awakening to this divine template within themselves. We are longing for more than day to day tasks which are meaningless to the growth of our souls.We are meant for more than survival. We are awakening to the truth within our souls that we are more & we deserve to be and have more. We are realizing that each woman have her set of trials that are to make and mold her into the woman or Queen she’s to become. We are realizing that we have the power and can’t be broken regardless of the hardships we face and have faced. ¬†We are finding our resilience and realizing the events of our life are what makes us stronger with each heartache, setback, and ¬†downfall. Each time finding the power to nurse ourselves and heal our own wounds. Each time finding our strength and getting even stronger and closer to our throne. You see? The feminine has been buried in pain for centuries; misused and abused by systems put in place by a patriarchal society. We’re in the age of freeing her from bondage and learning to balance both masculine and feminine energies. We are here to do our work and align with our souls. Pain is the teacher, because pain is what gets our attention to do our soul work, to heal ourselves, With each hurt, we learn to heal ourselves until we are healed. Healed pain in disguise is strength, this is how we evolve. This is the evolution of a Queen.